Our menu

Our Chef specialises in fresh, local, seasonal dishes with a contemporary twist on traditional pub-fare.



The Northern Rivers region is home to some of Australia’s finest rural dining and produce that has became famous Australia-wide.

Our Chef specialises in fresh, local, seasonal dishes with a contemporary twist on traditional pub-fare.

Our bistro menu is complemented by daily blackboard specials and fish of the day



Cob Loaf  – served with confit garlic butter, parsley & topped with bush tomato dukkha  $10.00
Beef Short Rib  – with sweet potato puree, roasted corn salad & silan syrup.   $16.50
Salt & Togarashi Squid  – with Asian slaw, house made sticky ginger & chili sauce. $12.00
Stuffed Bell Peppers – poached egg, red rice, enchilada sauce, toasted pepita’s & spiced cream cheese $11.00
Scallops (GF) – with chorizo crumb, black garlic, avocado smear & fondant potatoes $18.00

Shares: All suitable for 2 people

Mixed Grill – Chorizo, potato, beef rib, chicken skewer, pickled vegetable, skirt steak, salsa Verde, Pico de Gallo salsa served with a selection of sauces $57.00
Hot & Cold Seafood (GF) – Fresh prawns, crab, oysters, house cured salmon, fish roti, salt ‘n’ togarashi squid & chili garlic mussels $77.00
Charcuterie Board – Cured meats, breads, olives, mixed cheeses, pickle vegetables & fresh fruit $47.00

Chefs la-De-Dah

Chicken Skewer Salad –  Marinated tenders, rocket, pickled beetroot, feta, sherry braised apple, pistachio, crisp pancetta & house vinaigrette $24.00
Beef Cheek – With semolina gnocchi, Parmesan & panchetta crisp, Kale, citrus segments & pumpkin puree  $32.00
200g Dukkha Crusted Salmon – Served on a bed of mixed green risotto $28.00
Skirt Steak – With confit garlic mash, Agave glazed baby carrots, Pico de Gallo salsa topped with Habanero sauce $26.00
Rib on the Bone (GF) – With horseradish mash, broccolini, caramelized shallots & beef Jus $38.00
Trio Of Mushroom(GF) – Black rice stuffed swiss brown, pickled shitake, tempura fried enokis served with an almond mole, charred baby leek & jalapeno salsa $17.00


Caesar  – Crispy lettuce, Smokey bacon, parmesan cheese & croutons add chicken ($4.0) or add prawns ($5.0) $16.00
Chickpea Salad(GF)   – Corn, avocado, red onion, capsicum, chickpea with rocket & house dressing $13.00
Roasted Vegetable Salad  – Sweet potato, zucchini, feta, broccolini with pumpkin seed & house dressing $15.00
Prawn and Mango Salad   – With cherry tomato, cucumber, red onion, mix lettuce & ranch dressing $19.00

Hotel Favorites

All meals served with chips & salad or kipflers & seasonal vegetables with your choice of sauce

Chicken Schnitzel – Chicken breast crumbed $23.00
Ono Schnitzel – Topped with pineapple, Smokey bacon, Napoli sauce & cheese $25.00
Beer battered flathead – Served with lemon & tartare $21.00
Salt & Togarashi Squid – With Asian slaw, house made sticky ginger & chili sauce. $19.00
Crumbed Lamb Cutlets – Three cutlets to each serve $26.00
Beef Ribs – With sweet potato chips, slaw & house made dipping sauce $29.00
Cajun Chicken Pasta – Chicken, chorizo, semi dried tomatoes, capsicum, shallots, parsley & creamy Cajun sauce $23.00
Casareece Pasta – Asparagus, fresh chili, pancetta, garlic, onion, parsley in a white wine sauce $24.00
Vegetarian Pasta – Capsicum, semi-dried tomatoes, spinach, onion, pumpkin, fetta & parsley in a house made Napoli sauce $20.00


Ultimate Feddy – 2 x beef patties, double cheddar cheese, double maple bacon, house dill pickle, mustard mayonnaise, lettuce, tomato $20.00
Mother Clucker – Southern fried chicken, hash brown, cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato, Smokey BBQ sauce & aioli
Roast Vege Burger – Eggplant, zucchini, roast capsicum, tomato, beetroot with an onion relish served with sweet potato chips $18.00


400 Gram T-bone $30.00
250 Gram Rump $18.00
300 Gram Barkers Creek Pork Cutlet $27.00

All steaks are served with chips & salad or kipflers & seasonal vegetables with your choice of sauce


Fried eggs $3.00
Smokey Bacon tail rashers $4.00
Creamy Garlic prawns $6.00
Avocado and Béarnaise sauce $5.00


Chorizo potato, chipotle mayonnaise, red grapes $10.00
Greens, parmesan, lemon butter $7.00
Kipfler potatoes. rosemary salt parsley  $6.00

Kids Menu

All kid’s meals are served with chips & salad (12 Years and under)

Cheese Burger $12.00
Battered fish $12.00
Steak $12.00
Chicken tenders $12.00
Pizza (ham and pineapple or meat lovers)
Kiddy Wonka – Lollies, chocolate fudge sauce, honeycomb, chocolate soil, popcorn, vanilla ice cream $12.00


Coconut Pannacotta – meringue shard, chocolate soil, popping chocolate peanut popcorn. $14.00
Chocolate Fudge – Honeycomb, raspberry brush, hazelnut toffee, ice cream. $14.00
Crème Brulée – with biscotti and crispy caramel $14.00



Hawaiian – Home made Napoli, Smokey bacon, pineapple & cheese. $17.00
Spicy-ville – House made Napoli, jalapenos, chorizo, pepperoni, salami, onion, cheese topped with a habanero sauce $19.00
Prawn & Chorizo – Béchamel sauce, baby spinach, prawns, chorizo & cheese $23.00
Mega-Meatasaurus – Smokey bacon, chicken, pepperoni, salami, steak & cheese topped with a Smokey BBQ swirl $20.00
Tandoori chicken – House made Napoli, baby spinach, tandoori chicken, capsicum, onion, almonds, cheese topped with a coriander & minted yoghurt $22.00